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Torrent Details For "Collection of BANNED YouTube Truth Community Videos (Video Pack) - roflcopter2110 [WW..."

Collection of BANNED YouTube Truth Community Videos (Video Pack) - roflcopter2110 [WW...

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Last Checked: 07-03-2018 06:10:21

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Name:Collection of BANNED YouTube Truth Community Videos (Video Pack) - roflcopter2110 [WW...

Collection of BANNED YouTube Truth Community Videos (Video Pack) - roflcopter2110 [WWRG]

24 Videos

Here is a collection of some banned YouTube videos as well as just truth videos in general.

Many of you in the truth community I'm sure you know the truther Russianvids, he got his channel terminated and videos removed by YouTube, this pack includes a lot of his videos as well as Peekay, another great truther from Australia.

These videos should keep you busy for a while, do your own research on all the things mentioned after watching then share the information with anyone you can!

Get the word out about what is going on.

These are legendary videos :)

Enjoy and seed as long as possible!

1960's National Anthem Subliminal Message MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 10min 22s 768 x 576
American Mind Control - Propaganda, and Organized, White-Collar Crime MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 5min 45s 768 x 550
Duping Delight in Florida High School Shooting MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 3min 11s 768 x 432
Libya and Gaddafi - The Truth you are not supposed to know MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 9min 23s 480 x 360
Peekay - Attack Of The Trouser Bomb MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 6min 57s 768 x 554
Peekay - Bad Crisis Actors Guild Enters Belgium MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 3min 26s 768 x 430
Peekay - Next News Network Fear Mongering MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 6min 15s 768 x 576
Red Bull-Shit Jump From Space MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 6min 55s 768 x 422
Russianvids - 1957 vs 2018 Fakery MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 10min 25s 768 x 542
Russianvids - 1986 Shuttle Challenger Hoax MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 8min 16s 768 x 514
Russianvids - Is Anything Real Anymore MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 6min 58s 768 x 418
Russianvids - Johnny On The Spot Manchester MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 6min 55s 768 x 604
Russianvids - London vs New York Comparison MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 32min 0s 768 x 486
Russianvids - Luke Rudkowski We Are Change Deception MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 6min 11s 768 x 450
Russianvids - Our Scripted News and Nancy Kerrigan Hoax MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 6min 8s 768 x 442
Russianvids - Space-X Fakery and Simpsons Mars Hoax Mockery MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 8min 41s 768 x 432
Russianvids - The Occult of Lucy(fer) MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 7min 6s 768 x 634
Russianvids - Truth in Entertainment (Moonwalkers 2016) MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 7min 51s 768 x 390
Russianvids - Worldwide Crisis Actors Reach Syria MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 6min 31s 768 x 448
The Day Millions Put Tape on their Webcams MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 7min 51s 768 x 432
The FBI Lets Elites Rape Children MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 2min 17s 768 x 432
The Morality of Abortion MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 2min 45s 768 x 432
The Presidential Reality Show MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 7min 4s 768 x 432
What Really Happened at the Vegas Shooting MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 2min 37s 768 x 432


YouTube Video:
Language:English  English
Total Size:639.13 MB
Info Hash:08699BAF22FE5C8F058479FFE7022CB1A9710916
Added By:roflcopter2110 Verified Uploader
Date Added:05-03-2018 04:24:07
Torrent Status:Torrent Verified

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