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Windows 10 > Enable Windows Photo Viewer In Windows 10 - All Build & Versions!

You are in:  Forums / Windows 10 / Enable Windows Photo Viewer In Windows 10 - All Build & Versions!
TheStrength AdministratorPosted at 2017-07-28 21:11:26(1 year ago )

Posts: 205
Location: unknown

Windows 10 is great OS in my opinion & most of peoples around witnesses. it bring the flat simple interface with many new modern features & it's getting better and better day after day, but some new apps such "photos" the replacement of the old well knowing Windows Photo Viewer in windows is laggy and slow regardless of how fast your computer are. but on the same computer you probably noticed before browsing pictures was too fast no matter how large JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP are. so I did want to bring that old Windows Photo Viewer back to windows 10 but there was no such an option and after some tweaks and searching i did figure out how to bring the speed back and keeping the New photo app from windows at the same time. So without making more further description or praises. You guys can check it yourself after using it. if you want to get this work like a charm? Simply download this tiny .bat file and use Windows Photo Viewer at any Windows 10 Operating system.

Download Here: Windows photo viewer back: https://mega.nz/#!H0kwEIjB!258X6NJSfwdkxs7Z7Mf8rUCnG6PSstCVoA7tfNPmsYE
-This RAR only contains .bat file. no promotion/advertising links in RAR.

How To Use It To Work: Download .Bat rar > Extract RAR to Desktop > Right click on > Windows Photo Viewer Back.bat file > Run as Administrator > Press any key when it asks to press > Done! Enjoy Windows photo viewer and delete that .bat from desktop. That's all! :)


Note: I've Choosed Windows photo viewer as default Jpg/jpeg viewer. this is why you're seeing ''Preview'' option at screenshot.

To faster use kindly choose Windows photo viewer for jpeg/jpg/bmp/png by doing > Right click on picture > open with > Choose another app > Select windows photo viewer > Tick mark > Always use this app to open .jpg/.bmp/.jpeg/.png - Keep windows photo viewer as default for all specific image formats.

Enjoy & God bless you!

Regards, SaM

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