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General Discussions > Java is your computer's main weakness

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MafiaSSS Posted at 2013-08-22 11:06:34(4 years ago )

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Location: United Kingdom

Java is your computer's main weakness [

Java was in 2012 definitely the biggest target for hackers, despite the fact that the U.S. authorities have been out and warn of weaknesses in Java. It shows security company Kasparsky Labs annual report.

dobes programs have in recent years been described as the biggest security risks on your computer, and cybercriminals have been very successful in breaking in through among other Flash Player and Adobe Reader. This year that changed, however, when Oracle's Java was the absolute top scorer in the number of attacks. It tells the Swedish website, Tech World.

According to security company Kasparsky Laps annual report, so ended up Oracle's Java, which is used among other things to Danish online bank, to be the target of 50 percent of all attacks. Second place is still held by Adobe Reader, which is hit by just over 28 percent of all attacks, and third place goes to Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer with the somewhat lower three percent.

There were warned

Back in January, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security out and warn against using Java, and suggested completely that you have to disable Java. It is very unusual that official authorities warn so specifically to disable a program, and often calls instead for that one takes safety and careful.

Java is now installed on more than three billion units worldwide, there is great potential for hacker attacks, and it is cross-platform. Mac computers are also at risk, as long as you use Java. One of the biggest problems with Java and other similar programs is that it is far from all the programs that are updated and therefore many older safety errors continue to cause problems.

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AndroidKing Posted at 2013-08-22 13:55:01(4 years ago )

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Location: Pakistan

Thanks For Posting This Useful Thread

:love :love

Good Luck GLT!
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RigmarRadio1 Verified UploaderPosted at 2017-01-06 09:59:51(1 year ago )

Posts: 6
Location: United Kingdom

While this is true for ATM's and other embedded code in flash solid state memory machines the personal PC be it Windows or MAC is updated regularly with the default Java settings and this does not really apply to normal users.

It is a lot more difficult to update a vast fleet of ATM's than just your stand a lone home machine.  Any problems with the update are also a heck of a lot more serious when the Java code may be helping to run a Power Grid for example or a reactor!!!

I (Like many) advanced bit torrent uploaders use the VUZE bit torrent client as you can see far more details about what is happening behind the swarm so to speak as you seed.  Other clients are not updated every month like VUZE and too simplistic for my refined tastes, but VUZE runs on JAVA.

So I run the very latest Java and no problems.  I despise all Adobe products and avoid flash players, video and PDF software they produce.  As a major American corporation, just like APPLE they want ALL YOUR CASH not just a small part of it and do not like sharing with the other rival hardware and software platforms, which do the same job.

Rigmar Radio - Seeding to the World since 2004
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