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Nov 10 2018      -  DATE

English        -  LANGUAGE

00:42:01.784     -  DURATiON

863 MB        -  SiZE

x264         -  ViDEO CODEC

1280x720       -  RESOLUTiON

2485 kbps       -  ViDEO BiTRATE

29.970 fps      -  FRAMERATE

AC3          -  AUDiO CODEC

384 kbps       -  AUDiO BiTRATE

18          -  CRF


Zak and the crew investigate the historic

William Westerfeld house in San Francisco, which

has been the residence of occultist filmmaker

Kenneth Anger, and where many satanic rituals

were conducted by Anton LaVey, the founder of

the Church of Satan.

Fuck you, Comcast, and your downscaled HDTV!

For the price of 1080i you only give us 720p!

That Censored should be illegal, call the Censoreding

FCC! Oh wait, our mistake, that won\'t do Censored

with all your lobbying. Bribery. Same things

with different names. Here\'s what we truly

think of your Future of Awesome: no joke, we

hope it chokes and dies somewhat slow,

drowning in a billion gallons of cum from

disease riddled opossums.

Hold up. Wait. Nope. We\'re not done. Here\'s an

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would any others agree? Instead of tit for tat

it\'s Censored for shat for the crap we receive.

And be sure to add a smiley on that check to

be sent in. We\'ll be grinning when our Censored is

in their systems.


and all the others, who choose quality over speed
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Total Size:863.36 MB
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