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Détails du Torrent Pour "Vincent Price Tales Of Witches Ghosts And Goblins(1972)A Hornbook For Witches Stories..."

Vincent Price Tales Of Witches Ghosts And Goblins(1972)A Hornbook For Witches Stories...

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_NAME_:Vincent Price Tales Of Witches Ghosts And Goblins(1972)A Hornbook For Witches Stories...

Vincent Price Information
Vincent Price Biography:
Vincent Price came to be identified with gothic horror and crazed villainy through a series of leading
film roles in the 1960s that were based on such Edgar Allan Poe poems and short stories as
The Raven, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Pit and the Pendulum,
and The Masque of the Red Death. Thanks to the actor's wide exposure in those movies and others
like them, his voice became immediately associated with the horror genre, opening the door for
Price to contribute to a number of different recordings, as well as an album of his own.
His spooky laughter alone was enough to conjure all sorts of macabre thoughts and associations,
and his elegant diction only enhanced the effect. A sampling of Price's contributions includes an
appearance on Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare from Atlantic in 1975 and a guest spot on
Michael Jackson's Thriller from Epic in 1982. He was also included on a 1998 children's soundtrack,
Scooby-Doo's Snack Traks: The Ultimate Collection. Price's own album, Witchcraft and Magic, was
released by Capitol Records. Other mediums also opened their doors to Price, with wonderful
results. When he lent his distinctive voice to Disney for the movie Great Mouse Detective,
songwriters whipped up two new numbers especially for him. In television, he became host of the
1980s PBS series Mystery. He wasn't above spoofing himself, and in 1984, he appeared in the
cartoon The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo as the character Vincent Van Ghoul. Unfortunately, not
everyone appreciated Price's melodiously velvet voice. When Disneyland Paris opened its
Phantom Manor with narration by Price in English, attraction-goers' complaints forced the park
to dump Price in favor of a Frenchman. But this affront was just a small, aberrant blip in a
long career that began with degrees from Yale University and the University of London
(the latter in theater arts) and on the British stage, Broadway, and the Mercury Theater with
Orson Welles. In addition to his stage and film work, Price worked in radio, authored several
books, and was a gourmet chef. He also was an art aficionado and collector whose own 90-piece
donation helped establish the art collection at East Los Angeles College, as well as related
educational programs. The college named its Vincent Price Gallery in his honor. The actor began
collecting works of art when he was 12 with the purchase of an etching by Rembrandt.
Price was wed three times, the first to Edith Barrett in 1938. They divorced ten years later,
and Price wed Mary Grant in 1949. In 1973, his second marriage also ended in divorce.
He married Coral Browne the following year, and the union lasted until her death in 1991.
He had two children, Vincent and Victoria. Vincent Leonard Price, the actor's father, was head
of a candy company. Marguerite Wilcox, his mother, helped establish the St. Louis Community School.
The actor had three older siblings, James Mortimer, Lauralouise, and Harriet. He passed away in
1993. The cause of death was lung cancer. ~ Linda Seida

Format For All: [email protected] kbps

Title: Phantom Manor with Vincent Price audio (Full Album)

RunTime: 9:44

Description: a short re edit of my Phantom Manor tribute, but using the original
1992 English Vincent Price master audio.

Phantom Manor Information:
Phantom Manor is an attraction located in Frontierland at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Paris.
It is Disneyland Paris' version of the Haunted Mansion attractions at Disneyland,
Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland, although a lot of scenes from the Haunted Mansion have been
reimagined to coincide with a darker theme.

Title: Vincent Price - A Hornbook For Witches, Stories And Poems For Halloween (1976, Vinyl Rip)

RunTime: 53:40

Description: Here is the full audiobook, narrated by the Lengendary , master of the Macabre, Vincent Price. Released on the US records label, Caedmon Records.

Side A:
A1 How To See Ghosts Or Surely Bring Them To You
Written-By – Maria Leach

A2 A Hornbook For Witches
Written-By – Leah Bodine Drake

A3 Witches On The Heath
Written-By – Leah Bodine Drake

A4 The Ballad Of The Jabberwock
Written-By – Leah Bodine Drake

A5 All-Saints' Eve
Written-By – Leah Bodine Drake

A6 Dreamland
Written-By – Edgar Allan Poe

A7 The Sands Of Dee
Written-By – Charles Kingsley

A8 Thus I Refute Beelzy
Written-By – John Collier

Side B :
B1 Don't
Written-By – Maria Leach

B2 The Water Ghost Of Harrowby Hall
Written-By – John Kendrick Bangs

B3 Scary Sound Effects: The Creeping Horror

B4 Scary Sound Effects: Storm, Wind, Creaking Door, Ghost Moaning, Dog Howling

B5 Scary Sound Effects: Witch

B6 Scary Sound Effects: Monsters Eating

Vincent Price Tales Of Witches Ghosts And Goblins Full Album

Runtime: 41:08

Title: Vincent Price ?– Tales Of Witches, Ghosts And Goblins (Full Album)

Released in 1972
The Smoker


To Become a Werewolf

To Raise the Dead

The Witches' Reel

The Broomstick Train


The Phantom Merry-Go-Round

A Pair of Gloves


The Lone Grave
Enjoy these (3)Three Vincent Price Albums looking for more Vincet Price leave me a Comment or PM.

YouTube Video:
Langue :English  English
Taille totale:146.11 MB
Info Hash:D9F064FE37574905A702FE1215A2CEBDA78B369D
Ajouté par:Shon Verified Uploader
Date:10-01-2017 12:09:16
Statut Torrent:Torrent Verified

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