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Udemy | Python REST APIs with Flask, Docker, MongoDB, and AWS DevOps [FTU]

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Name:Udemy | Python REST APIs with Flask, Docker, MongoDB, and AWS DevOps [FTU]

Learn Python coding with RESTful API's using the Flask framework. Understand how to use MongoDB, Docker and Tensor flow.


Created by: Tim Buchalka's Learn Programming Academy, El Farouk Yasser
Last updated: 10/2019
Language: English
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What you'll learn

• Have a deeper knowledge and understanding of core elements of web development using Python
• Understand and be able to use the flask framework
• Plan, build, setup and deploy a RESTful API to an Amazon EC2 instance
• Make use of a NoSQL (MongoDB) Database
• Build a machine-learning API using Tensorflow for image recognition

Course content
all 45 lectures 10:23:34


• Basic knowledge of the Python programming language
• Enthusiasm and a willingness to take your Python skills to the next level


So you know a bit of Python and want to learn about RESTful API's and other cool technologies like Flask, Docker, MongoDB to name just a few?

Or maybe you just want to add web development Python skills to your resume.

Whatever the reason is, you have landed on the right page if you have an interest in taking your Python skills to the next level.

Why use Python for web development?

Coding in Python is simple, and a student with no prior knowledge can easily understand a line of code and its use - this means with only the basics, you can comfortably write a complete program.

Python has a great number of frameworks and tools to get you up and going fast with web development.  

It's a great match - a powerful language with a great range of tools that you can put to use quickly.

Why choose this course?

• You will be able to learn and understand how to design and implement RESTful API’s via the Flask framework.
• Ever wanted to know what a NoSQL database is, and how to use one?  You'll learn how to do that as well, using Python.
• And what is Docker, and what does it mean to "dockerize" your apps?  Yep, you guessed it, you will learn that as well in this course.  
• You'll even learn how to build a machine learning API using TensorFlow for image recognition.
• Another hot topic is DevOps, and you will learn about that and go through the process of deploying a RESTful API on an Amazon EC2 instance.
• In short, this course is designed to take your basic Python skills and take you to the next level in the shortest period of time.

What topics are covered in this course?

Understanding the Basics of the Python Flask Framework

Understanding and Implementing a  REST API



Project: Database as a Service Restful API

Project: Building a Restful API for similarity check using Natural Language Processing

Project: Building an Image Recognition Restful API using Tensorflow and Deep Learning

Project: Building a Restful API to Handle Bank Transactions

Deploying Restful API into an AWS EC2 Instance

You'll come away with a firm understanding of how all the pieces work individually, and more importantly how they fit together.

This really is an all in one course to get you up to speed with these topics, fast.

What skills do you need?

The ideal student would be someone with a basic knowledge of Python who is eager to improve their skills.  That's it!

Ready to start?

If you're ready to start the course, then click the enroll button to get started. We look forward to seeing you on the inside.o

Who this course is for:

• This course is suitable for those with basic skills, who wish to learn about Python web development
• This course is ideal for those who wish to learn more about RESTful API's
• Anyone with an interest in database,DevOps, MongoDb and more.

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