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25 Cadre of Death Episode 1 by Prototype

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Name:25 Cadre of Death Episode 1 by Prototype

25 Cadre of Death: Episode 1

Title: 25 Cadre of Death: Episode 1
Genre: Adventure / Horror / Survival / Indie
Developer: indie_games_studio
Publisher: indie_games_studio
Platform: PC (RePack)
Release Date: October 22 2018
Crack: Inside (HOODLUM)

About This Game:
The main character, Caleb Reedus, looks at the evening news after a hard day’s work, and it wouldn’t have foretold anything if the news were not suddenly interrupted, showing a broadcast of some strange video. Especially not betraying this value, Caleb goes to bed, banishing what is happening in a bad dream. Waking up, Caleb realizes with horror that he is not at home!

Caleb wakes up in an old large farmhouse near the state of Missouri, Time Beach, where the population was poisoned by an unknown poison. For many years, the main problem of this miniature city remained dusty country roads, and once ... the authorities of Time Beach decided to deal with this problem.

They hired a specialist who promised to spray the roads with a means of reducing the amount of dust rising into the air. The deal was concluded, and the specialist conscientiously sprayed the roads with an unknown means, the details of which no one began to understand.

Poison soaked the soil too much, today they are literally saturated with everything around. Even a short stay in the empty city of Time Beach represents a serious health threat. Time Beach was once a completely successful settlement in which farming flourished. It was founded in 1925. It is said that the city has not lived for sixty years. The fatal mistake due to the lack of funds in the budget cost people many lives. Dead city, well approached a large corporation Panicum to conduct their experiments.

Being locked in a mansion, Caleb realizes that he is not alone in this house, there are people like him who do not understand how they found themselves in this ill-fated city. In addition to these people, among the dark and dust, there are terrible creatures who will bring their victims to a heart attack. A little later, Caleb will manage to get out of the locked mansion with the survivors, but as it turns out on the street, things are no better, this abandoned city and its neighborhoods are saturated with hatred, pain and death! You have to solve the riddle of a strange video, and this dark city of Time Beach!
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel CORE i3
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 820m
DirectX: 11 version
Storage: 8 GB

Repack Features:
- Nothing re-encoded
- Nothing ripped
- Based on the license
- Installation time : ~2 minutes
- by Prototype

Follow the installer instructions until the installation is complete
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Language:English  English
Total Size:2.81 GB
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