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Name:Alison Joseph - collection 5 bks
The Dying Light by Alison Joseph
Young, independent and all too aware of her human frailty, Sister Agnes finds her strength tested when she is seconded to Silworth, a women's prison in Southwark. When bitterness erupts into murder, she realizes she too has become entangled in a dark world stretching further than the prison walls.

The Darkening Sky by Alison Joseph
Young, independent and sharply aware of her spiritual weaknesses, Sister Agnes Bourdillon is not the kind of nun who needs a habit and a wimple to express her religious commitment. Approaching her final vows in the order, after six years as a novice, Agnes is dreading leaving the solitude of her Bermondsey flat to join the rest of the community in Hackney. If she takes the vow of poverty, she will have to give up a house she owns in Provence, bequeathed to her by her mother. Her mentor, Father Julius, tries to allay her fears, yet Agnes is not comforted. A temporary respite from the decision is her work in an addiction center near her home.

Shadow of Death by Alison Joseph
Agnes is up to her neck in books. Having been asked to help sort out the library of the nearly defunct Order in Bermondsey before the building is sold, she is trawling through piles of tatty Victoriana and mawkish lives of the saints. However, the 17th-century Hawker archive, a collection of beautifully preserved books on spells and magic as well as hand-written journals, does catch her eye. These tell the story of Alice, her husband Thomas and their daughter who died in infancy. Alice did not long survive her. Alice's story seems to haunt the present. The building, now an NHS day center for the mentally ill, is the backdrop for a modern mother's fears for the safety of herself and her child Agnes

A Dark and Sinful Death by Alison Joseph
From the author of THE QUICK AND THE DEAD, a further crime novel, in which a nun who is sent to teach at a Yorkshire boarding school finds herself investigating the disappearance of one of the teachers.

A Violent Act by Alison Joseph
She may wish it otherwise but now that Sister Agnes is, as Father Julius solemnly teases her, a 'fully paid up' member of the convent, any thoughts that life might go more smoothly with her final vows taken are soon proved mistaken. Outside the oppressive confines of life inside the convent, Agnes is back in her own flat, working at the order's hostel for the homeless. But before long things take a turn for the worse when a young and vulnerable resident, Abbie, is found dead, and the little fragile peace there was is shattered.
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