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Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime with Kali Linux Fundamentals LiveLessons [FCO] GloD...

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Name:Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime with Kali Linux Fundamentals LiveLessons [FCO] GloD...

Created by: Joseph Muniz, Aamir Lakhani
Published: Sep 21, 2017 by Cisco Press. Part of the LiveLesson Series.
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0-13-469363-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-469363-7
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More Than 13 Hours of Expert Video Instruction


Why is digital forensics so important? In today’s digital world, every organization is bound to be attacked and likely breached by a cyber adversary. Forensics can be used to determine if and how a breach occurred and also how to properly respond.

Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime with Kali Linux Fundamentals LiveLessons introduces you to the world of digital forensics and acts as a primer for your future forensic work. This is the course that will teach you the core concepts you need and also get you up and running with your own digital forensics career. Learn when a breach occurs, what actions you can take, and then how to learn from the breach to prevent future attacks. This video course also focuses on using open source technology available in the Kali Linux framework along with other tools to simplify forensic tasks. You will master the basics of digital forensics, learn best practices, and explore legal and forensic service concepts. This course is a must for anyone interested in starting their Digital Forensics career today.

Skill Level

• All levels

Learn How To

• Plan, organize, build, and deploy end-to-end IoT solutions
• Navigate today’s IoT product marketplace
• Use maturing IoT technologies to solve many business and technical problems
• Make sense of the full IoT protocol stack, from 802.15.4 and LPWA to IPv6 adaptations and management
• Architect IoT networks for maximum security and integrity
• Generate meaningful intelligence from the data your smart objects capture
• Compare and use batch-level and real-time streaming analytics
• Improve IoT system efficiency through fog and edge computing
• Leverage key IoT applications for utilities, transportation, manufacturing, smart cities, public safety, oil/gas production, and mining

Who Should Take This Course

Any network or security professional who is concerned about being breached by a cyber threat. This includes people looking to develop an incident response plan, anyone with an interest in digital forensics, network engineers looking to beef up their security knowledge, and people involved with cyber security work.

Course Requirements

Requires basic knowledge of Internet and networking technology.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Introduction to Digital Forensics
Lesson 2: Digital Forensic Investigations
Lesson 3: Getting Started with a Forensic Linux Workstation
Lesson 4: Data Duplication and Data Protection
Lesson 5: Collecting and Preserving Evidence
Lesson 6: Cracking Passwords
Lesson 7: Windows Forensics
Lesson 8: Network Forensics
Lesson 9: Email Forensics
Lesson 10: Reverse Malware Engineering
Lesson 11: Forensic Case Studies

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