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How to Be Better at Almost Everything - Pat Flynn - 2019 (Self-Help) [Audiobook] (mio...

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Name:How to Be Better at Almost Everything - Pat Flynn - 2019 (Self-Help) [Audiobook] (mio...
How to Be Better at Almost Everything - Pat Flynn - 2019
Learn Anything Quickly, Stack Your Skills, Dominate

By: Pat Flynn
Narrated by: Pat Flynn
Length: 4 hrs and 23 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 01-29-19
Language: English
Genre: Business, Career Skills
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Format: mp3 64/48 stereo

Publisher's Summary

It's one of the biggest lies you've probably heard your entire life: Mastering one specific skill set is the key to success. That may have been true 20 years ago, but in today's global economy, being the best at a single thing just doesn't cut it anymore.

Think about those people who somehow manage to be amazing at everything they do - the multi-millionaire CEO with the bodybuilder physique or the rock star with legions of adoring fans. We all quietly envy them from time to time - how do they manage to be so much better at life?

It’s tempting to believe they've achieved greatness because they're the very best in their field... or think that maybe it's just dumb luck. But it's much more than that. They've defied traditional perceptions of success by acquiring and applying multiple skills to make themselves valuable to others. They’ve become generalists.

In How to Be Better at Almost Everything, best-selling author, fitness expert, entrepreneur, and professional business coach Pat Flynn shares the secrets to learning (almost) every skill, from marketing to music to martial arts to writing and relationships, teaching how to combine interests to achieve greatness in any field. His direct, “Generalist” approach to self-improvement gives you the tools you need to make your mark on the world and make buckets of money - without losing your soul.

Discover how to:

• Learn any skill with only an hour of practice a day through repetition and resistance.
• Package all your passions into a single toolkit for success with skill stacking
• Turn those passions into paychecks by transforming yourself into a person of interest.

In today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving world, it’s no longer good enough to have a single specialty. To really get ahead you need a diverse portfolio of hidden talents you can pull from your back pocket at a moment’s notice. How to Be Better at Almost Everything teaches you how to gain a competitive edge in both your professional life and personal life.

©2019 Brilliance Audio, Inc. (P)2019 Brilliance Publishing, Inc., all rights reserved.

Published by arrangement with BenBella Books.

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