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[LINKEDIN LEARNING] Fusion 360 Revolve and Sweep - [FCO] GloDLS

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Name:[LINKEDIN LEARNING] Fusion 360 Revolve and Sweep - [FCO] GloDLS

Course by: Jomarc Baquiran
Released: November 29, 2018
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The Revolve and Sweep tools in Fusion 360 give engineers, product designers, and industrial designers the ability to create complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to build. In this course, discover how to create 3D models using the Revolve and Sweep features in this powerful 3D design and fabrication tool. Autodesk Certified instructor Jomarc Baquiran demonstrates how to utilize the Revolve and Sweep features, explaining how sketches as profiles, axis, and paths factor into the process. To provide you with a practical understanding of these features, Jomarc demonstrates how to use Revolve and Sweep to create the wheels, basket, and legs of a supermarket cart.

Course Transcript

[Jomarc] Are you bored in adding depths to a closed sketch profile or planar face? If you are, then it's time to level up by discovering Revolve and Sweep in Fusion 360. Hi, my name's Jomarc. I'm an Autodesk certified instructor, Fusion 360 certified user, Expert Elite program member, and a training manager for MechaniWeb, an Autodesk Authorized Academic partner. In this Fusion 360 course, we will create 3D models using the Revolve and Sweep commands. First, we will create a simple geometry to get ourselves familiarized with the Revolve and Sweep command. Next we will model a complex paths in 3D Sketch mode. Finally, we will be creating a fairly complex supermarket cart with a use of Revolve and Sweep command. Join me in discovering some of the practical applications of Fusion 360 Sweep and Revolve tool! Open up Fusion 360, and let's sketch that path and axis in the following chapter.

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