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Torrent Details For "[LINKEDIN LEARNING] Get a Job in Marketing - [FCO] GloDLS"

[LINKEDIN LEARNING] Get a Job in Marketing - [FCO] GloDLS

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Name:[LINKEDIN LEARNING] Get a Job in Marketing - [FCO] GloDLS

Course by: Brian Honigman
Duration: 55m 34s
Skill Level: Beginner
Released: January 2, 2019
Subtitle: Included
Torrent Contains: 47 Files, 7 Folders
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Course details

Learn what it takes to get a job in marketing. Career coach and marketing consultant Brian Honigman has sat on both sides of the interview table. Here he shares tips and advice that can help you get hired. Discover how to build a resume of relevant experience, find the right position, stand out from other applicants, and communicate your value to employers. Plus, get insights on applying for jobs, interviewing effectively, and succeeding in your new position. Whether you're interested in social media or brand strategy, starting a new career or changing industries, this course will give you the skills you need to find your next job in marketing.

Course Transcript

We've all been exposed to marketing in one form or another. Whether you've watched Mad Men's portrayal of a 1960s advertising firm, or you've seen a sponsored post in your Instagram feed. But despite being impacted by marketing most of our lives, that doesn't quite make you qualified to get hired as a marketer. Which is where this course comes into play. Whether you're just starting your career from scratch, or breaking into the industry from a different one, this course is designed to help you land a job in marketing. The demand for qualified marketers is at an all time high, which makes now as good a time as ever, to learn how to best present yourself as a qualified candidate. Hello there, I'm Brian Honigman, and as a marketing consultant and career coach, an adjunct professor, I've sat at both sides of the table, as a job candidate and interviewer, numerous times over the last nine years. This course features my approach to getting hired as a marketer, whether you want to focus…

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