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Packt | Learning Linux 5 for System Administration [FCO] GloDLS

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Name:Packt | Learning Linux 5 for System Administration [FCO] GloDLS

By: Paul Olushile
Released: 19 May 2019 (New Release!)
Torrent Contains: 45 Files, 1 Folders
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Set up and configure a Linux server with administrative skills

Video Details

ISBN 9781838641634
Course Length 1 hour 37 minutes

Table of Contents

• Linux Installations
• The Linux Command Line
• Installing Server
• User and Permissions Management
• Linux Shell Scripting
• Secure Shell Administration
• Managing Services


• Take control and master the administration of a Linux machine, whether a workstation or a Linux server
• Deploy services—such as a web server—on a Linux machine
• Create the desired system by installing and removing software
• Maintain a Linux server by reading its logs/installations and working with a web server, and monitor its resources
• Secure a system by setting the correct file permissions, removing inactive users, creating new users, and changing user passwords
• Perform Linux administrative shell scripting
• Create a program for working on a shell scripting project
• Schedule administration tasks with SSH, so that you can also perform them remotely. Make the Linux system work for you!


Do you wish to become confident and master commands and operations in the Latest Linux version? This course is a one-stop guide covering everything you need to know to become an efficient Linux systems administrator.

With this course, you'll explore the new features of Linux 5 while administering your Linux machine. You'll master the installation and administration of a Linux machine, whether a workstation or a Linux server. You'll gain command-line knowledge of how to set up services with the Linux terminal, install and work on a Linux server, perform user permission management by invoking commands arguments, write a shell program like an administrator, and work remotely with SSH (secure shell) and putty; finally you’ll manage Linux services using systemctl and journalctl.

By the end of the course, you will have gained practical knowledge of Linux that will serve as a foundation for getting hands-on with Linux workstation and server administration.

Style and Approach

This step-by-step and fast-paced guide will help you learn the best industry techniques and master monitoring and tuning tools that can be used to check performance-related issues on Linux servers, and analyze results via a practical approach.


• Perform administrative tasks such as keeping the system up-to-date, installing new software, monitoring systems, and configuring new services
• Perform practical tasks that every Linux administrator has to implement by working through them in real-world lab tasks
• Administer Linux machines by deploying, securing, and maintaining a web server, a Linux server, and Linux systems


Paul Olushile

Paul Olushile graduated with a degree in Computer Science and is currently working as a Cyber Security Expert. He loves teaching and hence he has been freelancing for over 4 years and sharing his expertise with students as a Unix/Linux administrator. He has a diverse set of certifications, interests, and experiences including server administration.

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