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PacktPub | Mobile Game Development with Unity 3D 2019 [Video] [FCO]

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Name:PacktPub | Mobile Game Development with Unity 3D 2019 [Video] [FCO]

By: Raja Biswas
Released: March 28, 2019
Course Source:

Create profitable and engaging mobile apps with Unity 3D 2019

Video Details

ISBN 9781838559939
Course Length 2 hours 5 minutes


• Build and run an Android game on your Android Mobile
• Design Responsive UI for your Games
• Understand the vast possibilities of a Unity 3D game for mobile
• Create and publish an Endless Dodging Game for Android Play Store
• Detect collisions, receive user input, and create player movements with Unity 3D
• Add special effects and finish the game and submit it to an Android device for testing.
• Create beautiful, interactive content for Android devices with the Unity.


The global gaming industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with the mobile platform now taking the lead. NewZoo estimates that mobile games will generate over $70 billion in revenue, accounting for 51% of gaming revenue across all platforms. Mobile is the fastest growing platform, with over 10 years of double-digit growth. Unity Technologies is helping to foster this growth, by providing a free and user-friendly environment to create elegant games in. According to Unity Technologies, in 2016, 34% of the top 1000 free mobile games were created in Unity - more than any other non-proprietary engine. Compared to other engines, Unity provides easy portability to both iOS and Android, allowing for mass dissemination of a mobile game.You’ll create your own adventure game using animations while fine-tuning your C# programming skills with intermediate concepts like class inheritance, abstract classes, and interfaces! You’ll utilize the Singleton design manager to create powerful manager classes that help delegate actions in your game.By the end of this course, you will have experience with the complete mobile game development to testing! You will have a fully finished, downloadable game to add to your portfolio if you are pursuing mobile development professionally!You will leave this course with confidence in their ability to utilize the latest and greatest game development techniques and will be able to create, and publish their own unique Android mobile games!

Style and Approach

This video will have a step by step practical tutorial approach. The video will in help you creating Unity 3D game. This course will be a one stop guide to building games with Unity 3D 2019.


• All inclusive guide to Mobile game development with Unity 2019.
• Take your game development skills to the next level by developing games with Unity 3D 2019
• Your one stop guide to building games with Unity 3D


Raja Biswas - Charger Games founder, Passionate Learner & Teacher Raja has a passion for learning new things and teaching those to people all over the world. Every day he gets emails from people all over the world thanking him for all that they have learned from his tutorial videos. He has taught Game Development & Computer Programming to thousands of people through his Youtube channel named: Charger Games. Lots of people have published their first game after learning from his videos and many of them have started learning computer programming from his videos. He looks forward to learning from you and teach you whatever he knows in the best possible way. Charger Games is a platform teaching Game Development & Computer Programming for absolute beginners. Raja has taught thousands of people all over the world the basics of Programming & Game Development concepts. Charger Games has more than 15,000 enrolled students on various platforms, The Charger Games Youtube Channel has 4.5 Million+ Views and about 40k subscribers. Some of the worldwide most popular courses and videos on the topics of Unity Game Development, C#, Android Game Development have been created by Charger Games. Youtube Channel -

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