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Reader s Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things 2019 edition

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Name:Reader s Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things 2019 edition
Reader's Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things 2019 edition

EPUB | ISBN: 1621454363 | 384 pages | | 73.89 MB

An updated edition, now fully illustrated and in color, of the classic guide to using common household items to replace, restore, repair, or revive almost anything in your household—including yourself.

When you have a household problem, don't run to the store and waste good money, just open your pantry door—and EXTRAORDINARY USES FOR ORDINARY THINGS. You'll be amazed at what you can do with baby oil, bleach, duct tape, tea, rubbing alcohol, and dozens of other handy items.

This book will open your eyes to more than 2,000 creative and helpful uses you can make of familiar household products, such as:
• Aspirin can revive a dead car battery and a coating of petroleum jelly will keep the battery's terminals from corroding
• A dab of shaving cream can keep your bathroom mirror from fogging and can remove juice stains on carpeting
• Petroleum jelly makes a great lip balm, makeup remover, and moisturizer
• A turkey baster is the perfect tool for watering Christmas trees and hard-to-reach plants
• Beer can be combed through your hair as a setting lotion, used as lure to trap insects, and polish gold jewelry
• Sandpaper can be used to sharpen needles and scissors, roughen slippery soles of new shoes, remove ink stains and scuff marks from suede, and remove stains on grout lines
• Wax paper will prevent a cast-iron skillet from rusting, restore the nonstick surface on your iron, and use on the bottom of a microwave when cooking messy foods.

If you hate to throw things away or if you delight in dreaming up new ways to use ordinary items, then you'll love the ideas in this book. You'll be amazed at the problems you can solve. It's a book you'll be sure to turn to again and again for helpful ideas, trustworthy advice, and entertaining reading.
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