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Rush - Clockwork Angels Tour (2013) [DVD9 NTSC] (2DVD)

Etichetta: Anthem (5) – 01143-1153-9, Zoë Vision – 01143-1153-9
Formato: 2 × DVD, DVD-Video
Paese: USA & Canada
Uscita: 19 Nov 2013
Genere: Rock
Stile: Hard Rock, Prog Rock
DVD Audio/Video, 5.1, 2.0, dts-HD Master Audio

.: Tracklist :.

RUSH are a pioneering line-up of Seventies Progressive rock, who influenced many Prog, hard-rock and heavy metal bands. This Canadian band is composed of bassist, singer and keyboard player Geddy LEE, guitarist Alex LIFESON and renowned drummer Neil PEART. In 1974 John RUTSEY was replaced by Peart who also assumed the role of the band's primary songwriter. Acclaimed for their instrumental virtuosity, their lyrics and longevity, throughout their 40+ year career they've proved to be the masters of their respective instruments while creating challenging yet popular music. They have the record for the third most consecutive gold or platinum albums for a band on the US album chart behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Now, a brief summary of the band's career ...
Through the history of RUSH, they have passed through many distinct phases. Every one of these phases represents a triumph in music, allowing the band to move on. As at the end of all of RUSH's phases, a live LP was released. This tradition began with "All The World's A Stage", recorded live at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. Since then, the group has released three additional live albums: the best selling "Exit... Stage Left" (1981), "A Show of Hands" (1989), and the three-disc set "Different Stages" (1998), which encompasses three decades of the group's music.

FIRST PHASE (1974-1976):
In the beginning, they started off as hard rock blues outfit with John-boy before he left and Neil came in, bringing his sci-fi mind into the works. The music seems to be a transition between straight-ahead rock tunes and more complex progressive tracks. "Caress of Steel" is a landmark album in the history of RUSH. Lyrically and musically, "2112" was a masterpiece. This multi-platinum release remains one of RUSH's best-selling albums.

SECOND PHASE (1977-1981):
They moved headlong into progressive rock in the later part of the decade, starting with the album previous and right on to their massive breakthrough, 1981's "Moving Pictures". Synthesizers were now employed by the band, played in the studio and on stage by Geddy. This was the end of transition from long epic pieces to shorter, more concise, and intricate songs. "Permanent Waves" is widely considered to be second only to "Moving Pictures" as RUSH's finest achievement.

THIRD PHASE (1982-1989):
RUSH embraced the 1980s sound with "Signals", making heavy use of synthesizers and keyboards for the first time in the band's history. Keyboards have become a very large part of the music, and the interplay of guitar, drums, bass, and keyboards became technically almost impossible to play live. The two LPs that followed, "Grace Under Pressure" and "Power Windows", also followed nearly the same mold. They reached the zenith of its keyboard experimentation with "Hold Your Fire".

PRESENT PHASE (1990 to today):
Moving to a new label, RUSH embarked on their present phase with "Presto". So, after mercifully ending their synth period, RUSH went into a sort of pop/rock phase for this stage in their career. They sought to remove the dominance of keyboards in the music, and go back to a bass-drum-guitar sound. But after their tour for their 1996 record "Test For Echo", the band took six years off before returning in 2002 with the release of their new album "Vapor Trails". In 2004 they released a covers album, "Feedback" to celebrate the band's 30th anniversary in the current lineup. A tribute to Rush's early influences it contains covers of such luminaries as "Cream", "The Who" and "Blue Cheer".
Since their 30th anniversary the band has seen a major resurgence in popularity with the release of "Snakes & Arrows" in 2007 and the critically acclaimed concept album "Clockwork Angels" in 2012. In 2013 they were inducted into the "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame" to complete their journey towards critical mainstream acceptance.

Set One
1-1 Subdivisions
1-2 The Big Money
1-3 Force Ten
1-4 Grand Designs
1-5 The Body Electric
1-6 Territories
1-7 The Analog Kid
1-8 Bravado
1-9 Where's My Thing / Here It Is! (Drum Solo)
1-10 Far Cry
Set Two
1-11 Caravan
1-12 Clockwork Angels
1-13 The Anarchist
1-14 Carnies
1-15 The Wreckers
1-16 Headlong Flight / Drumbastica (Drum Solo)
1-17 Peke's Repose (Guitar Solo) / Halo Effect
1-18 Seven Cities Of Gold
1-19 Wish Them Well
1-20 The Garden
1-21 Dreamline
1-22 The Percussor
1-22.1 Binary Love Theme
1-22.2 Streambanger's Ball (Drum Solo)
1-23 Red Sector A
1-24 YYZ
1-25 The Spirit Of Radio
1-26 Tom Sawyer
1-27 2112
2-1 Limelight (Soundcheck Recording)
2-2 Middletown Dreams
2-3 The Pass
2-4 Manhattan Project
Special Features:
2-5 Can't Stop Thinking Big (Tour Documentary)
2-6 Behind The Scenes (Featuring Jay Baruchel)
2-7 Outtakes
2-8 Interview With Dwush
2-9 Family Goy
2-10 Family Sawyer
2-11 The Watchmaker (Intermission Tour Film)
2-12 Office Of The Watchmaker (Closing Tour Film)
Società, ecc.
Copyright (c) – Anthem Entertainment
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Anthem Film & Television Productions Inc.
Copyright (c) – Anthem Film & Television Productions Inc.
Manufactured By – Concord Music Group, Inc.
Distributed By – Concord Music Group, Inc.
Mixed At – The Warehouse Studio
Cello – Adele Stein, Jacob Szekely
Conductor – David Campbell
Directed By – Dale Heslip
Drums – Neil Peart
Executive-Producer – John Virant, Pegi Cecconi, Ray Danniels
Guitar, Vocals – Alex Lifeson
Management – Ray Danniels, SRO Management, Inc.
Mixed By – Mike Fraser
Producer – Allan Weinrib
Violin – Audrey Solomon, Entcho Todorov, Gerry Hilera*, Hiroko Taguchi, Joel Derouin, Jonathan Dinklage, Mario De Leon*
Vocals, Bass – Geddy Lee

.: Other Files :.


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