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Show Name: Big Sky
Overview Big Sky is a small aviation company in Sydney. After the death of Lauren's father, Lauren takes over Big Sky, a nearly bankrupt company. Chief pilot is Chris Manning (played by Gary Sweet). He is very laid-back but also quite authoritative, sarcastic and sometimes arrogant. He and Lauren fight a lot, the decisions she makes are not always the right ones in Chris' eyes. Lauren has a complete different background (she's the ritch spoiled kid) and knows barely nothing about running an aviation company. This of course clash with Chris but on the other hand, she is doing a great job considering the bad financial state the bussiness is in. But beside the fights there is also romance blossoming between Lauren and Chris. They won't admit it, but they like eachother heaps!
Genre |Drama|
First Aired 1997-02-17
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Status Ended
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