Hawaii Five-O : Pilot - Cocoon (1)
Show: Hawaii Five-O
Episode Name: Pilot - Cocoon (1)
Season: 1
Episode Nr: 1
Guest Stars '|Andrew Duggan|James Gregory|Leslie Nielsen|Lew Ayres|Mitzi Hoag|Nancy Kwan|Noah Keen|Philip Ahn|Tim O\'Kelley|Wright Esser|'
Overview 'Red Chinese agent Wo Fat uses a sensory deprivation chamber to procure information from U.S. agents. Steve McGarrett, head of Hawaii Five-O, investigates the death of a close friend who appears to have drowned. Steve\'s knowledge about his friend and a mysterious white substance lead him into a high-level intelligence matter involving a foreign agent. McGarrett, head of Hawaii\'s state police force, poses as \"control,\" possessor of the names of other agents. He allows himself to be captured and placed in the chamber; will he be able to withstand the torture?'
Air Date 0000-00-00

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