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Simon Leigh - Out of Promises

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Name:Simon Leigh - Out of Promises

Simon Leigh - Out of Promises

Southbrook, USA. A city in turmoil. A city quickly turning into what it used to be - a crime riddled nightmare. The place hasn't had what you might call an easy development with violence and anarchy throughout its history.

Sixty years ago a crackdown on crime was enforced bringing with it decades of peace, but you can't keep anything buried forever and, inevitably, the underground crime organizations appeared from their shadows to bring fear once again to the city. You might say history had a way of repeating itself.

A member of one such organization is thirty four year old, Valerie Lambert. Through the naivety of youth, she joined up and served her time living in the darker side of life. Now she wants out.

When she's ordered by her ruthless crime boss to murder her friend and colleague, Freddie Mason, things don't go to plan and she's forced to find answers, soon unravelling into a labyrinth of deceit.

With the city's police hot on their tail, Valerie teams up with private detective Bill Yates, and together they span the city hunting for clues while another man's life hangs on their success.

With twists and turns throughout, this engrossing story tells a tale of murder, deception, and revenge. A real page turner that promises not to let you down.

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