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Torrent Details For "Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gurudeva-Ambrosia of Divine Love-audioENG mickjapa108"

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gurudeva-Ambrosia of Divine Love-audioENG mickjapa108

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Name:Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Gurudeva-Ambrosia of Divine Love-audioENG mickjapa108
Srila.[email protected]mickjapa108

A Narration of the book, Bhakti-Rasayana.
By Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja.

Janamejaya, fearing that the narration was about to end and his heart burning with sadness, he asked Jaimini Rishi to dispense some medicinal tonic
by which his heart may again be fully satisfied. Jaimini then spoke these 61 verses about the glories of Goloka, which are the essence of all Srutis and Smritis,
and blessed that everyone who hears, chants or meditates upon this narrative with devotion will achieve the abode of the Supreme.

The word rasayana is used in the science of Ayurveda for a life-giving elixir. In the past it was well-known how to revitalize people who were close to death,
by treating them with the proper rasayana. Often, the patients could go on living with full strength for many more years, and in many cases they started a new life.
There are also spiritual rasdyanas, namely mantras endowed with transcendental potency which energize one's spiritual life. In the last chapter of the Brhad-Bhagavatamrta,
Srlla Sanatana GosvamI presents a collection of sixty-one verses, called Bhakti-rasayana. These verses, which form the essence of the Tenth Canto of the SrTmad-Bhagavatam,
are meant to stimulate bhakti-rasa, the devotional sentiments in one's relationship to krishna, and to evoke transcendental attachment to krishna's eternal realm, Vrndavana.
They are called rasayana because like an Ayurvedic medicine they act as a potent nectar to purify the heart, steady the devotion, and increase one's love for krishna.

Full title..Ambrosia.of.Divine.Love-Bhakti-Rasayana.

Narrated & Produced by Bhaktivedanta Tridandi Swami.
Recorded by Amal Krsna Dasa.
2007 Hanover Germany.

Track List

00 Introduction Bhakti-Rasayana.
01 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter One-The Earth Becomes Fortunate.
02 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter two-The Peacocks Dance to Krsna's Flute Melody.
03 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Three-The Best Servant of Hari.
04 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Four-The Clouds,Rivers & Trees Serve Krsna.
05 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Five-Happiness in Separation.
06 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter six-The Gopi's Desire to Become Birds & Trees.
07 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Seven-The Animals of Vraja are Stunned.
08 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Eight-The Gopi's Glorify the Pulinda Girl.
09 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter 9-Krsna Enjoys Playing With His Friends.
10 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Ten-The Glories of Sakhya rasa.
11 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Eleven-Nanda & Yasoda's Love for Krsna.
12 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter twelve-Mother Yasoda's Bhakti is Indescribable.
13 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Thirteen-Mother Yasoda Binds Krsna.
14 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Fourteen-Purva-raga or Preliminary Attraction.
15 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Fifteen-Krsna's Beauty is Unsurpassed.
16 Bhakti-Rasayana. Chapter Sixteen-The Nature of The Gopi's Mahabhava.

The hardest thing to give away is Love
When you give Love
It just keeps coming back to you

Spread The Love SEED
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" ~Jimi Hendrix, 1969
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