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Udemy | Create a REAL Social Network like Facebook with a native app [FTU] GloDLS

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Name:Udemy | Create a REAL Social Network like Facebook with a native app [FTU] GloDLS

Learn how to create your very own Social Networking website & native app from scratch! without coding, with all features

Created by: Ismail Taibi
Last updated: 3/2018
Language: English
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What you'll learn

• Create a full scale social networking website like Facebook or Twitter, including features such as newsfeeds, profiles, friend system, chat system, trending posts and much more!
• Create a native Android application
• understanding how the web hosting server work
• create a database & user and link them into your script
• link the app into the website


• A computer (I am using a Mac)
• A text editor to program in (I use Sublime Text 3)
• A localhost (I am using MAMP)
• A web hosting server and domaine name
• Android Studio


Ever wondered how Facebook works? Ever wanted to create your own social media website? This course will show you, step by step, how to create your own social networking website & native app similar to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and more. Your finished site will have tons of cool features such as status posts, newsfeeds, user profiles, chat/messaging systems, friend systems and much more.

And of course without any knowledge of coding or programming, you will have your own social networking website and native app so that you can make it at google play and share it around the world.

WHY enrol?


There is so much to learn! In the course, you will become very familiar an excellent range of technical skills such as WEB & LOCAL HOSTING, UNDERSTANDING THE SCRIPT, HOW DOES THE ANDROID APP WORK AND MUCH MORE. If you're just starting out, after completing this course, you will be in a very good position with a fundamental foundation of skills. And of course you can make extra money by posting some google adsense ads, by adding a subscription plans, boost posts and more.


By enrolling in this course, you will have the COMPLETE support of a Google Software Engineer (me). I'm always ready to answer any question you may have. Programming issues, errors, feature requests, general programming advice - it doesn't matter, I'm always happy to help! I always aim to respond to questions within a few hours and it's also worth noting that I've answered EVERY SINGLE question asked so far.

Project portfolio:

The site you create in this course will be the highlight of your project portfolio! Any potential employer who see's this project on your resume will want to hear all about it. The reason? They know that a project like this means you're familiar with the wide range of technical skills they need their employees to know.  


Finally, this project is a lot of fun and I know you'll have a great time implementing your own unique ideas as well as the ones we implement together. What are you waiting for?

Who this course is for:

• Everyone.

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