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Torrent Details For "Udemy | Ethical Hacking Hacking using Linux & Termux From Scratch [FTU] GloDLS"

Udemy | Ethical Hacking Hacking using Linux & Termux From Scratch [FTU] GloDLS

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Name:Udemy | Ethical Hacking Hacking using Linux & Termux From Scratch [FTU] GloDLS

Ethical Hacking using Linux & Android Termux (2x1 Hacking Course): Start now as a Beginner to become a Real Life Hacker

Created by: PSU linux [ linux and ethical hacking ]
Last updated: 3/2019
Language: English
Torrent Contains: 61 Files, 7 Folders
Course Source:

What you'll learn

• Learn the conflict of the different types of HACKERS
• Learn LINUX and dealing with terminal
• Learn how port forwarding works and how to perform it without any problems
• Learn how to use Android Termux to perfoem ethical hacking operations
• Learn Information Gathering
• Learn how to gather information: E-Mails, Mobile Phone Numbers, Sub-domains... etc
• Learn how to use Nmap To Scan Networks and Devices Remotely from scratch
• Learn how to Scan ports using different protocols from scratch
• Learn how to detect Versions of Operating Systems and Services
• Learn how to stay anonymous while scanning Systems and Devices Remotely
• Learn Social engineering Toolkit
• Learn Spamming and Phishing
• Learn how to use Metasploits-Framework
• Learn how to create FUD Encrypted Payloads
• Learn how to Embed a Backdoor (malware) and an original software to create a normal software which can be used as a hacking tool to avoid doubts
• Learn Sniffing to intercept the connection of a system in a network and get passwords and some sensitive data of some protocols without interacting with the victim
• Learn how can a hacker hack windows system using only a WORD OFFICE FILE
• learn DNS Spoofing to change the web pages that the victim requests to a web page that you can choose it
• Learn Cloning Web Pages to create a malicious web page (That looks like the original one) that can be used in hacking
• Learn how can a hacker save his hack on a system, to gain access even after rebooting
• Learn how can a HACKER mix his knowledge to perform the best HACK operation
• Learn some commands that a HACKER use to control the victim after the hack
• You will get motivated to complete your learning on penetration testing
• You will know the right way to complete your journey in penetration testing


• NO previous hacking knowledge required
• NO Linux knowledge required
• NO programming knowledge required


After watching a lot of Ethical hacking lessons i guess this is the best Tutorial i've ever seen because honestly ! it's more practical than theoretical unlike the other courses and the most exciting thing in this course is that it work in real world ( real ethical hacking )

-Thank you very much for the educational course offered by beautifully and beautifully, as well as the beautiful and clear educational points, practicality informs me very much and I wish you all the best. We also look forward to other courses offered- Mashaal Al Otaibi

-I love this course. I am continuously repeating my course in a regular interval to enrich my depth of knowledge. Thanks!- SHEIKH MD. MAHTABUR RAHMAN

-I don't know how to explain my words how i felt while learning this course.... If you want to learn something i will recomended to all of you chose it... If you have a little exprince in this field then you will understand the value of this course. I'm not promoting this course. I'm sharing my words with all of you. I'm impressed with the instructor of this course very responsive and friendly. I really like your course and I would like to thank you for making this kind of courses and being friendly with us. Thank you so much. - Tabish Raza

-i got very experience instructor and i got to learn some new stuff and my instructor hope that ill put my name in world class list so i would like to thank my instructor and udemy, i really enjoyed it thank you very much- Halal Rajan

-This is a great and powerful course. A lot of helpful tips on securing our computer and on how hackers hack.Thank you.- Bobbie Smith

-it's a very good course really it's your gate to be a pro in hacking whatever your knowledge- Serag El-Din

Well done! Labs are well explained, and very clear.

Hi everybody, Welcome to your course, if you are reading this course it's sure that you want to get more information and to be sure about what you will buy, and that's exactly what a reasonable student will do, so let me tell you what the course offers, and then you can make your reasonable choice!

Why you should take this course:

• I won't lie to you, this course is not a complete course of Ethical Hacking, and I don't believe that there is one! but it explains a big part of Ethical hacking theoretically, and practically it will explain an excellent methods on hacking anonymously (How hackers hack without getting doubts on them). Sometimes it will be in a separated videos and sometimes in a process.
• The advantage of the methods showing on the course is that they are flexible, which means that they can work on other Ethical Hacking operations (For example I practiced an anonymous hacking operation on a windows machine, which can be done in the same way just by changing the windows malware by an android malware).
• I had the choice to create a basic classic long Ethical Hacking course, or explaining the best useful hacking tricks (Because there are a lot of things that are explained but mostly they are old,useless and not effective now), for me I choose to not waste my time and keep with the best methods, and understand the concept of the old ones just theoretically.
• This course will explain everything from the pre-hacking to preform your hack successfully, everything is explained from scratch.
• Also, the course will explain every Linux commands that i have used (so we can chase two birds with one stone), and uses diagrams (in paint xD, yeah I like to draw! it gives me the total freedom).
• This course won't teach only how to use the Ethical Hacking strategies in your computer, but offers you the ability to learn how to use those hacking strategies also in your android device through Termux environment (so you can consider it as three birds with one stone ;) ).
• While this course is not a "Classic Learning Course"; like I have mentioned before it explains the best anonymous hacking methods (undoubtedly), so it can help both; beginners and advanced students that maybe don't know this methods.
• I'm kind of a careful teacher; which means I like to make sure that all my students understand what I'm explaining, so if you are the kind of persons who needs more talk and deep explanation to understand then I guarantee you that you have found the right instructor!
• I want to mention negative points too (I like to be honest), this is my first online course ever; so maybe someones of you will find me kind awkward xD in the first lectures, also I have explained the hacking methods from scratch, so if you are kind of advanced you will waste some time on somethings that you already know before the hacking process starts, another thing is that sometimes I repeat somethings that are very important in more than one lecture (somethings that takes 5-8 seconds). That's it! personally I think that those are the negative points on the course.

I didn't wont to write the lectures descriptions, because they are already written down on the curriculum (I don't want to waste your time twice), so for more information don't forget to visit the it, read the titles and make your choice, and don't forget the 30 days money back guarantee :) ... Make your reasonable choice, and I hope I will meet you down in the Lectures ;)

Who this course is for:

• People who want to learn penetration testing from scratch
• People who want to secure their data and information, because if you know how hackers hack, you can avoid them
• People who have experience on penetration testing and want to develop their skills
• People who want to know what's the best way on hacking without getting any doubt on them
• People who want to learn LINUX and the interact with terminal
• People who want to know what are the week points of their computers and networks
• People who want to learn Information Gathering
• People who want to learn Nmap Network Scanning Tool
• People who want to learn some of social engineering
• People who want to know what is the best and the right way to continue in learning penetration testing.

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Date Added:09-04-2019 15:32:40
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