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Torrent Details For "Udemy - Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on"

Udemy - Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on

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Name:Udemy - Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on
Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on ]

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$200 | Created by Mumshad Mannambeth | Last Updated 2/2019
Duration: 5.5 hours | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44 KHz, 2 Ch | 1 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub | 47 Lectures
Learn Kubernetes in simple, easy and fun way with hands-on coding exercises. For beginners in DevOps.What you'll learn
Gain basic understanding of Kubernetes Fundamentals
Develop Kubernetes Configuration Files in YAML
Deploy Kubernetes Cluster on local systems
Deploy Kubernetes on Cloud - Google Cloud Platform
Deploy Applications on Kubernetes
Setup ReplicaSets, Services and Deployments on KubernetesRequirements
Basic System Administration
Have access to a laptop or system to setup KubernetesDescription“This is by far the best Kubernetes course on Udemy”—Student TestimonialLearning Kubernetes is essential for any DevOps professional. DevOps engineers are always in demand. Currently the average Silicon Valley salary for a DevOps engineer is 20% higher than what a software engineer makes.DevOps engineers make an average of $140,000 to $200,000 annually. And One of the most in-demand skills is Kubernetes Deployment.Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.Kubernetes is at the cutting-edge of application deployment. The best way to kick-start your DevOps career is by learning how to effectively deploy Kubernetes.This course is for absolute Kubernetes beginners. With zero knowledge about Kubernetes, once you take this course and complete all of the hands-on coding exercises, you will be ready to deploy your own applications on a Kubernetes platform."Excellent course. If you are new to Kubernetes and have never used it before as was my case, I highly recommend this." - Student TestimonialYou will start your journey as a beginner and go through 10 simple, step-by-step lectures. Each lecture and demo is designed to give you the time to fully grasp all of the concepts. The most important part of the course is the series of hands-on coding exercises that accompany each major concept.But, lectures alone won’t give you the skills you need to make it as a DevOps engineer. In this course, you will learn by doing. Each exercise will help you make sure you have truly mastered the concepts and will help have the confidence to apply your Kubernetes knowledge in real-world situations."Perfect Kubernetes 101. Enough to understand the topic and know how to proceed further." - Student TestimonialYou will be developing your own services using Kubernetes configuration files for different use cases right in your browser. The coding exercises will validate your commands to make sure you have written them correctly.After you have completed the lectures and coding exercises you will have the opportunity to complete a series of assignments that put your new skills to the test. You will be given a challenge to solve using the Kubernetes skills you have learned.This will give you real-world experience and the chance to work with other students in the community. You will develop a Kubernetes deployment and get feedback for your work.This course is the best way to learn the Kubernetes skills you will need to succeed in your DevOps career.Don’t waste any more time wondering what course is best for you. You’ve already found it. Get started right now getting the Kubernetes skills you need to be successful as a DevOps engineer."The Best Course for the Kubernetes . For Beginners the perfect search ends here." - Student TestimonialLegal Notice:Kubernetes and the Kubernetes logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Linux Foundation. in the United States and/or other countries. The Linux Foundation and other parties may also have trademark rights in other terms used herein. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Kubernetes or The Linux Foundation.Who this course is for:
Beginners in Containers
Beginners in Orchestration
System Administrators
Project Managers

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