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Udemy - Python for Data Science and Data Analysis

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Name:Udemy - Python for Data Science and Data Analysis


A comprehensive course that will teach you how to use the power of Python to solve real-world data science and data analysis problems.

Welcome to Mastering Python for Data Science & Data Analysis!

This real-time actionable course is suitable for all skill levels. A programming or statistical background is not mandatory for you to be successful in this course. But you learn Python best by doing. That’s the reason you have a series of mini projects in this course.

This course will enable you to build a Data Science foundation, whether you have basic Python skills or not. The code-along and well planned-out exercises will make you comfortable with the Python syntax right from the outset. At the end of this short course, you’ll be proficient in the fundamentals of Python programming for Data Science and Data Analysis.

In this truly step-by-step course, every new tutorial video is built on what you have already learned. The aim is to move you one extra step forward at a time, and then, you are assigned a small task that is solved right at the beginning of the next video. That is, you start by understanding the theoretical part of a new concept first. Then, you master this concept by implementing everything practically using Python.

Become a Python developer and Data Scientist by enrolling in this course. Even if you are a novice in Python and data science, you will find this illustrative course informative, practical, and helpful. And if you aren’t new to Python and data science, you’ll still find the hands-on projects in this course immensely helpful.
Who this course is for:

   This course is for you if you want to master writing code in Python for Data Science and Machine Learning
   This course is for you if you are looking for a simple and inexpensive Python course.
   This course is for you if you like doing as you learn
   This course is for you if you want to shorten your learning curve in programming.
   You’ll simply love this course as there’s plenty of excitement in the form of challenging homework.


   Absolutely no prior knowledge or experience needed. Only a passion to be successful!
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