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Torrent Details For "Microsoft Excel – The Ultimate Excel Course from ZandaX"

Microsoft Excel – The Ultimate Excel Course from ZandaX

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Name:Microsoft Excel – The Ultimate Excel Course from ZandaX


Whether you’re a new Excel user who wants to go to the highest level you can manage, or an existing user who’d like a combined “best practice” refresher, skills enhancer and a reference for whatever you may want in the future, this is the choice for you!

With every ZandaX Microsoft course, you get a workbook and exercises (downloadable from the short “General Introduction” module at the start of each course). These are a great addition because they enable you to practice the skills you learn.

Our Microsoft instructors are seasoned professionals – they don’t just know the software: they’ve used it commercially and taught it in a classroom environment for years. You won’t be in better hands!

And we don’t woffle! Do you want to sit through hours of over-explaining before you get the knowledge you need? We doubt it! So we make sure that everything is covered in easy-to-follow video lessons, and our instructors get to the point so you make the best use of your time.

The Introduction course takes you from the very basics in using the different tabs, working with data and editing data, formatting sheets, reviewing workbooks and creating charts.

The Intermediate course starts with file management, encryption and accessibility, before moving on to functions and formulas. It teaches you about using tables, data tools like validation, before moving on to more advanced charts and finishing with SparkLines.

The Advanced course really does take you to another level. It begins with grouping, outlining and subtotals before showing you how to perform What If Analysis, use PivotTables, perform advanced tasks before teaching you about HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions. If that wasn’t enough, it finishes with one of out most popular lectures: an introduction to Macros.

Finally, the Professional course you’ll learn about advanced ways of using conditional formatting, LOOKUPs, more functions and PivotTable tools. There’s a lecture on form controls and templates, and the final section introduces you to User Defined Functions (UDFs) using VBA.

Each lecture is self-contained, so you don’t need to sit through them all: once you’re at a comfortable level, you’ll be able to use this as your reference library, where you can select what you want to view.

We’ll say it again: don’t forget the course workbooks and exercises – downloadable with the first “General Introduction” module at the start of each course – which really enhance and deepen your learning. Remember that practice makes perfect!

So although this is offered as a single course, it’s genuinely four courses in one – there are no shortcuts or reduced features. We don’t think you’ll find better value, so why not stop wondering which course to choose, and enrol with us now!
Who this course is for:

   This package is great for every level of Excel user!
   If you’re new to Excel, we show you what do do from the very beginning, so you needn’t feel intimidated.
   If you’re an existing user, we can take you as far as you’re likely to want to go
   If you’re an advanced user, we’re sure there’s plenty there to learn – though check the content: we don’t cover advanced VBA and programming in this package, for example.
   And at all levels, don’t underestimate the value of a “refresher” – why, they may help you to clarify a few hazy areas, or even unlearn some bad habits!
   Above all, we want you to get the most from your training, so make sure you enjoy your time doing the courses, and revisit them as often as you want.


   You don’t need any knowledge of Microsoft Excel: all you need is a basic understanding of how Microsoft Windows works.
   In order to do the exercises we provide, you’ll need a copy of Excel on your computer (any version from 2010 is fine).

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