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General rules - Breaking these rules can and will get you banned!
- By becoming a registered user at GloTorrents you automatically agree to the following rules. If you break any of the rules you will either receive a warning or get banned. In a number of situations the punishment is much more serious, for example if you posted advertising or uploaded child porn - your profile will be removed and your IP will be banned. You have the right to appeal the ban if you think the mods have misjudged your situation. But you have to include a reason or explanation in the appeal! Appeals without a reason or explanation will be rejected.

Nevertheless we are always open for communication, so if you feel that your comment/torrent/profile was removed for no reason, due to a mistake or personal conflict - feel free to contact the Mod Team or Staff Members by PM.

- Do not defy the moderators expressed wishes!
General Forum Guidelines
- No aggressive behaviour or flaming in the forums.

- No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).

- No language other than English in the forums.

- No bumping... (All bumped threads will be deleted.)

- No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function,instead of posting a double.

- Please ensure all questions are posted in the correct section! By not doing so, the thread can be moved, merged with another topic or deleted.

- Try to get into a conversation with mod /staff about problems your problems. Communication is key.

- Try to help other users in every way you can.

- Be creative and have fun, no duplicate threads, if you feel like what you want to create is already available please add to that thread!
Forum Rules [You will get banned]
- Do not post anything on this forum that is obscene, racist, hateful, nude or threatening.

- Don't be rude or flame anyone here.

- Don't give links to torrents outside of GloTorrents unless it's not found on Glo and is clean.

- Serial numbers are only allowed by PM.

- Do not argue with mods in the open forum. (Use the pm's to discuss things)

- Do not post the same topic in more than one forum. Search the forum before making a topic.

- Don't cuss/curse/swear except for the adult type social groups.

- Avoid overusing special symbols or caps lock in thread names.
Don't Fall Into This Group(s)
01 - Reputation abuse - Executing reputation gaining actions repetedly to get a higher reputation count.

02 - Fake torrent - A torrent file that spreads malware on your computer/asks you to do certain things before you can access the content (this includes filling in surveys for passwords).

03 - Retagger - An uploader that has removed the respective uploader/encoder from the torrent title and/or description and taken the credit for himself.

04 - Spam - Unwanted outside links / promotional offers.

05 - Fake Seeds - Adding Fake Seeds that are actually available just to manipulate users in downloading your torrents.
For Uploaders Only
Following things are forbidden in all types of torrents (description, torrent files, torrent name):

This rules applies to the following Classes;

Elite Users, Uploaders, Verified Uploaders and VIP(s)

- Spam or advertising; Any kind of advertising in the torrent descriptions or in the forums will not be tolerated. You have been warned.

- *** Promotion of other torrent sites; Posting direct links to your torrent sites as a way of promoting the site in question is strictly prohibited. Please avoid this at all cost else your uploading rights will be removed as a warning, repeat offenders will get banned and account deleted.

- Foul language or insults (if it is not originally in the torrents name);

- Statements, images or any other type of content, that can provoke violence or hatred, or are discriminative;

- Any torrent that you upload can be removed due to legal issues. We are interested in keeping the site online and filled with content, but we are also obliged to remove content if we are contacted directly by the copyright owner.

- If you have uploaded a torrent you have to seed it. Uploaders that don't seed their torrents will receive a warning and the torrents might be removed. If you are unable to seed for some reason please notify any of the Mods by PM or just leave a message in your status.

- Before you upload a torrent make sure that it is real and working. If you uploaded a fake or non-working torrent by mistake remove it at once.

- Copying or stealing torrents from other users is not welcome. Before you upload anything - check if the torrent is not already on the website. If the version that you are uploading is different from the existing ones - mention it in the description.

- No more than 15 working trackers, we allow max 15 trackers, not a single above, and makes sure all trackers no fake trackers.

- Faking the seed count is forbidden!

- Rating and promoting your own torrent with comments on the torrent is forbidden, this also counts for leaving anonymous comments. Leaving comments on your torrent is possible only if you answer users' questions.

- After you have uploaded 200 torrents and been an active uploader at the site for at least one month, you can apply to become a verified uploader. This entitles all your torrents will be verified by the system automatically. The mod team serves the right to decline your application if they feel you’re not ready.

- A good title is a must. For example for a movie the title must include such things as name of the movie, year of release and quality.

- It is not allowed to put any links in the title, but of course there is no problem with adding the name of your release group.

- Adding screenshots, trailer and a sample is not mandatory, but is greatly appreciated.

- If the contents of the torrent are password protected the password must be included in the torrent as a text file or in the description!

- The uploaded torrent must be 100% virus and malware free. This is very important, because uploading an infected torrent will probably be the last thing you do as a verified uploader.

- As soon as you become a verified uploader you automatically become more responsible for everything you upload, so there are a number of things that you need to keep track of, when you upload a torrent.

- You are allowed to ask for donations as a compensation for your work, but you can do it only on your blog or profile (not in the comments or torrent description)!

- Please do not dump torrents from major uploaders (like EZTV, ETTV and RARBG)! They have their accounts here and you're simply creating duplicates and filling the website with garbage.

- Following uploader group names are restricted to the groups only and can't be used in torrent names or description: GLODLS, ETTV, TGX, eztv, NOGRP, EVO, SPARKS.

- It is not allowed to retag a torrent (changing the original uploader/releaser/encoder/ripper in the torrent title).

*** Only Special Uploaders don't have this restriction
Pornographic Materials
This part works for all parts of the website including the XXX section and closed adult groups. The following types of pornographic materials are not welcome on GloTorrents:

01 - Child pornography;

02 - All types of zoophilia;

03 - Any materials that involve real sadism, masochism, torture and violence;

04 - Real rape and forced sex;

05 - Coprophilia;

06 - Incest that isn’t marked in the description and/or title as roleplay;

07 - Any type of pornography that may provoke violence, conflicts or hatred.

08 - Uploading, adding or leaving links to such content will be punished with an IP ban without any warning!

09 - Openly placing any kind of pornographic pictures on any part of the website is forbidden!

10 - If you upload pornographic content you have to be very careful with description. If you want the torrent to stay on GloTorrents make sure that our Mods will not get a false impression (especially if the content happens to be on some kind of borderline).

11 - Please specify the studio or website that released the content and all related info like i.e. year. An additional screenshot/picture preview list is a must.

12 - Any suspicious torrent without a screenshot/picture preview list will be removed. If the screenshot/picture preview list turns out to be fake and the torrent violating the rules - your profile will be deleted and IP banned without any warning.
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