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Torrent Details For "The Clash - The Singles 4xCD (2006) [FLAC] 88"

The Clash - The Singles 4xCD (2006) [FLAC] 88

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Name:The Clash - The Singles 4xCD (2006) [FLAC] 88
The Clash
The Singles (2006)
4xCD Box Set
Contains Album Art & ID Tags


The Clash was one of the first and most important British punk bands. In the 1970s, they were the Beatles to the Sex Pistols' Stones and went on to incorporate elements from all the roots music they loved -- reggae, rockabilly, soul, blues -- without ever straying too far from their punk roots and their political commitment. Their landmark 1979 double album, London Calling, stands as one of rock music's finest and most ambitious achievements. Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Joe Strummer all went on to other projects after the Clash (Big Audio Dynamite, Havana 3 AM, Strummer's solo albums). Plans to reunite for their induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame were pre-empted by Strummer's death in December of 2002.

For a band that constantly sang about revolution and the working class, the Clash had surprisingly traditional roots. Joe Strummer had spent most of his childhood in boarding school. By the time he was in his early twenties, he had busked on the streets of London and had formed a pub rock band called the 101'ers. Around the same time, Mick Jones was leading a hard rock group called the London SS. Unlike Strummer, Jones came from a working-class background in Brixton. Throughout his teens, he was fascinated with rock & roll, and he had formed the London SS with the intent of replicating the hard-driving sound of Mott the Hoople and Faces. Jones' childhood friend Paul Simonon joined the group as a bassist in 1976 after hearing the Sex Pistols; he replaced Tony James, who would later join Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. At the time, the band also featured drummer Tory Crimes, who had recently replaced Topper Headon. After witnessing the Sex Pistols in concert, Joe Strummer decided to break up the 101'ers in early 1976 in order to pursue a new, harder-edged musical direction. He left the band just before their first single, "Keys to Your Heart," was released. Along with fellow 101'er guitarist Keith Levene, Strummer joined the revamped London SS, now renamed the Clash.

CD 1

01. White Riot
02. 1977
03. Listen (Edit)
04. Interview With The Clash On The Circle Line (Part One)
05. Interview With The Clash On The Circle Line (Part Two)
06. Capital Radio One
07. Remote Control
08. London's Burning (Live)
09. London's Burning (Dutch 7";)
10. Complete Control
11. City Of The Dead
12. Clash City Rockers
13. Jail Guitar Doors
14. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
15. The Prisoner
16. Tommy Gun
17. 1-2 Crush On You

CD 2

01. English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)
02. Pressure Drop
03. I Fought The Law
04. Groovy Times
05. Gates Of The West
06. Capital Radio Two
07. London Calling
08. Armagideon Time
09. Justice Tonight (U.K. 12";)
10. Kick It Over (U.K. 12";)
11. Clampdown (U.S. Promo 12";)
12. The Card Cheat (U.S. Promo 12";)
13. Lost In The Supermarket (U.S. Promo 12";)
14. Bankrobber
15. Rockers Galore....U.K. Tour
16. Rudie Can't Fail (Dutch 7";)
17. Train In Vain (Spanish 7";)
18. The Call Up
19. Stop The World

CD 3

01. Hitsville U.K.
02. Radio One
03. Police On My Back (U.S. 7";)
04. Somebody Got Murdered (Spanish 7";)
05. The Magnificent Seven (Edit)
06. The Magnificent Dance (Edit)
07. Lightning Strikes (U.S. Promo 12";)
08. One More Time (U.S. Promo 12";)
09. One More Dub (U.S. Promo 12";)
10. The Cool Out (U.S. 12";)
11. The Magificent Seven (U.K. 12";)
12. The Magificent Dance (U.K. 12";)
13. This Is Radio Clash
14. Radio Clash
15. Outside Broadcast (U.K. 12";)
16. Radio 5 (U.K. 12";)

CD 4

01. Know Your Rights
02. First Night Back In London
03. Rock The Casbah
04. Long Time Jerk
05. Mustapha Dance (U.K. 12";)
06. Red Angel Dragnet (Canadian 7";)
07. Overpowered By Funk (Argentinian 7" Promo)
08. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
09. Straight To Hell (Edit)
10. Inoculated City (U.S. 7";)
11. Cool Confusion (U.S. 7";)
12. This Is England
13. Do It Now
14. Sex Mad Roar (U.K. 12";)

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