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The Home You Don t Remember series by Shane Shepherd (#1-6)[1fileword]

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Name:The Home You Don t Remember series by Shane Shepherd (#1-6)[1fileword]

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Overview: Shane Shepherd was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. At a young age he developed an interest in space exploration. That led him to major in aerospace engineering at UCLA. During his time there, he developed a passion for writing and decided to become an author instead of pursuing a career in his field of study. Now he currently writes science fiction focusing on steampunk and space opera. He presently resides in Los Angeles, California. When Shane is not writing, he enjoys walking the Venice beach boardwalk, dining out at his favorite restaurants and the occasional game night with friends.

Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

1. The Home You Don’t Remember
It’s been five years since Captain Baldwin Tavares saved part of his crew from the warmongering aliens that turned the humans’ hopeful mission into a bloodbath. Now, the spaceship TSS Cartographer has finally reached Earth… and Win and the others see what their enemy has done to their planet and their people.

Win is more than surprised at what they find and at the future awaiting them all—but he refuses to accept a future dictated by the enemy, even if they’ve been spared death. Win knows he’s not the only one and resolves to find and help those who oppose the alien regime.

But that task is not so easily accomplished, and now Win has a planet worth of enemies instead of a smaller group. When push comes to shove, how far can one man go?

2. The Friend You Left Behind
Captain Baldwin Tavares and his crew are back on Earth, now ruled by successful transformations that call themselves Champions. They were spared death and welcomed into the new society—but Win and the others refused to settle down, choosing to try to find and join the human Resistance. Having found them, Win is more than ready to join the war to free their planet.

Win and his crew bring with them a lot of advantages to the rebels they join, like their knowledge of how the Spiders tested humanity for occupation and first-hand accounts of how to fight them, but they also bring several disadvantages—they are personally targeted by the Champions, and five years separate them from Earth’s struggle. Win will have to fight, not only to accomplish his goals, but to stop his weaknesses from putting the whole Resistance in danger.

3. The Enemies You Can Trust
Captain Baldwin Tavares was more than eager to finish the mission the Resistance leaders had given him, but though most of the group had managed to run to safety, Win, Aya, and one of the Champions were captured instead!

Win is glad not to be dead—but whatever might happen to them as prisoners isn’t something Win is willing to have his people go through. However, the Ring from where the Champions administer Earth is a big unknown. Win has no idea what lies ahead… and whether some of his allies are truly on his side. When new information comes to light, Win will have to choose who to trust, as the fate of the whole planet might hang in the balance.

4. A Plan To Turn The Tables
After a mission for the Resistance ended with Captain Baldwin Tavares and two of his people taken to the Ring, it was a struggle to get free—but finally they are out with more allies than they arrived with and heading back to the Resistance.

Now, Win and his crew have a new challenge to face: their allies in the Ring escaped with them, which means losing access to its systems and infrastructure… which they need to contact the Enemy. They must find a different way to reach them, so they may finally speak to these foes of the Spiders who have a plan they want to share with the Resistance.

With such a powerful ally on their side, Earth might have a real chance to drive their invaders away. But Win finds himself wary of who this Enemy truly is, and humanity will have to decide what role it will have in a conflict that’s so much bigger than them.

5. A Fight To Change The World
After escaping from the Ring only to soon embark on another mission to gather the tech they needed to talk to the Enemy, Captain Baldwin Tavares and his crew finally see an end in sight to their war against the Spiders. With the Enemy on their side and a plan worked out, Earth is ready to strike back against those who invaded it.

Now, months after that fateful talk to the Enemy, the Resistance gets ready to put their plan into motion. Win is confident—though the fate of the planet hangs in the balance, he can’t help but feel he’s survived worse.

And yet, confidence isn’t everything on the battlefield. The Champions are stronger and faster, and out in space, Spiders loom in wait. When things come to a tipping point, Win will have to decide: what is he willing to lose, to win this fight?

6. The Freedom You Fought For
After months of planning and waiting, the Resistance and the Enemy were finally able to put their plan into motion. Captain Baldwin Tavares and part of his crew were at the forefront of the fight and more than eager to do their part—but now they’re stuck in the Ring with no sight of the Enemy party that was supposed to help them!

With the Ring about to fall into pandemonium and no allies to help, Win will struggle to do what he has always tried to do: protect those he cares about. But that is a task that never gets easier, and when they finally receive news from the Enemy, it’s a task he wonders was ever truly possible.
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