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Username: gerald99 VIP
User Rank: VIP
User's Theme: Default
Joined: 2019-02-06 14:48:16 - 2 years ago
Last Logged In: 2021-05-13 18:35:24
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Client: ruTorrent 3.9
Moods: Busy
Country: United States of America
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Torrents Posted: 125
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Uploaded Torrents

All Show/Hide Equilibrium 2002 2160p Upscaled Open Matte Eng DD5 1 ge...Download .torrentMagnet Download16.65 GB 176 136 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Godzilla vs Kong 2021 WEBRip 1080p HEVC HDR DDP DD5 1 g...Download .torrentMagnet Download9.08 GB 9 0 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Hotel Transylvania 2 PACK WEBRips 2160p UHD HDR DTS-HD ...Download .torrentMagnet Download16.58 GB 9 14 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide 300 2006 2160p Upscaled Open Matte Eng DTS DD5 1 gerald...Download .torrentMagnet Download17.99 GB 23 125 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide The Leisure Seeker 2017 WEBRip 2160p UHD HDR DTS-HD MA ...Download .torrentMagnet Download18.06 GB 63 80 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Gattaca 1997 BDRip 2160p UHD HDR Eng TrueHD DD5 1 geral...Download .torrentMagnet Download20.45 GB 131 126 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide 9 2009 2160p Upscaled Eng DTS-HD MA DD5 1 gerald99Download .torrentMagnet Download14.71 GB 112 188 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide After Earth 2013 WEBRip 2160p UHD HDR ENG DTS-HD MA DD5...Download .torrentMagnet Download16.67 GB 80 219 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Big Fish 2003 BDRip 2160p UHD HDR Multilang TrueHD DD5 ...Download .torrentMagnet Download29.29 GB 131 183 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Mortal Kombat 2021 WEBRip 1080p HEVC HDR Eng DDP DD5 1 ...Download .torrentMagnet Download9.44 GB 1,922 276 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998 2160p Upscaled Open...Download .torrentMagnet Download18.38 GB 160 69 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide U-571 2000 BRRip 2160p Upscaled Open Matte Eng DD5 1 ge...Download .torrentMagnet Download17.98 GB 110 157 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide The Princess Bride 1987 BDRip 2160p UHD HDR10Plus Eng D...Download .torrentMagnet Download17.11 GB 128 175 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Speed 1994 BDRip 2160p UHD HDR Eng DTS-HD MA DD5 1 gera...Download .torrentMagnet Download21.83 GB 130 187 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide The Irishman 2019 2160p Upscaled Eng DDP5 1 gerald99Download .torrentMagnet Download31.89 GB 78 70 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Donnie Darko 2001 Theatrical Cut BDRip 2160p UHD HDR En...Download .torrentMagnet Download20.63 GB 64 59 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Ben-Hur 1959 BDRip 2160p Upscaled Eng DTS-HD MA DD5 1 g...Download .torrentMagnet Download40.59 GB 187 295 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide The Ten Commandments 1956 Extended Edition BDRip 2160p ...Download .torrentMagnet Download41.61 GB 172 282 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Hannibal Rising 2007 Unrated BDRip 2160p Upscaled Eng D...Download .torrentMagnet Download16.10 GB 79 35 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Red Dragon 2002 BDRip 2160p Upscaled Eng DTS-HD MA DD5 ...Download .torrentMagnet Download23.61 GB 55 85 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Hannibal 2001 BDRip 2160p UHD HDR Eng DTS-HD MA DD5 1 g...Download .torrentMagnet Download23.90 GB 105 320 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide The Silence of the Lambs 1991 Criterion Collection 2160...Download .torrentMagnet Download23.57 GB 93 25 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide I Robot 2004 BDRip 2160p Upscaled Open Matte Eng DTS-HD...Download .torrentMagnet Download21.21 GB 136 132 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide The Martian 2015 BDRip 2160p UHD HDR Eng DTS-HD MA DD5 ...Download .torrentMagnet Download26.68 GB 8 0 gerald99 VIPhealth
All Show/Hide Manhunter 1986 DC 2160p Upscaled Eng DTS-HD MA DD5 1 ge...Download .torrentMagnet Download23.07 GB 31 101 gerald99 VIPhealth

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